1722 Committee: Gayle - Improving Schools And Limiting Air Miles

12 June 2019, 10:26

Tuesday's candidate for Eddie Mair's 1722 Committee is one of the most radical yet.

Every night at 17:22 we're going to hear from a potential candidate and then we'll get our committee together to choose our preferred candidate.

Gayle has lots of intriguing ideas for how to improve schools and the environment.

Gayle wants to revolutionise schools
Gayle wants to revolutionise schools. Picture: PA

- Scrap all private schools. These are dividing society from an early age and giving an unfair advantage right from the beginning . How can it be fair to have 10 in a class at private school and 30 in a class in state school. If people want to pay in for education great we can improve the state schools.
- However I would improve state education so that it is the best in the world. State education to have a massive shake up.
- Everybody goes to state primary. Then all go to same school , but can take different routes from 14. You could choose vocational route or academic. .I would also have boys schools and girls schools from 11. Transgender kids have to remain boys or girls till they have left school.
- It's not promoted as bright kids do academic route . Its more a case of recognising which route would suit them best. For example a vocational route you could still go to university in q subject relevant to what you were good at.

- Everyone has a limited number of air miles.
- Councils make recycling compulsory or you get a fine.
- Councils to pick up unwanted items again to cut down on illegal fires.
- Railways to be nationalised and made cheap so people can afford them.
- Investment into electric cars and wind technology . This links to vocational education ie opportunities. Make use of solar panels and the sea. More research needed.

Regions to be regenerated and become research hubs for new technology and things like wind and wave and solar energy. London to recognise that Manchester is just past the Midlands and not in the North. The north ie places like Durham, Sunderland , Newcastle have been forgotten. For example Sunderland is a prime example of a coastal town/ city that could be used for energy research creating jobs etc.

Investment in house building and road maintenance would create jobs. More houses would mean more propery available and so rents and house prices to go down. Allowing everyone opportunity to get on the housing market. Everyone encouraged to buy a home . But rented still available.

Minimum wage £10 per hour. Make work pay. But help available if you can’t find work

Look after the vulnerable in society, but don’t just work for people who know the system. Be there for people who lose job and may have a mortgage. Not available to immigrants unless refugees.

All immigrants to swear allegiance to the UK and abide by our rules. Ie respect for women etc and burkas to be removed in public places I would make that a rule for coming in. You can only come to UK if you have a job that a British person can’t fill. You can only claim benefits if you’re a refugee, which we should help. All immigrants to have classes in UK citizen ship. There's another job created (ie in teaching)

- Encourage people to look after their own relatives with cash incentives for house conversions and extensions for granny flats. Help to relocate elderley parents.
- Investment in artificial intelligence , so a robot can look after elderly while
- Other members of the family are out at work.

The UK is now really divided and Brexit hasn’t happened because of these divisions. As parliament is in stalemate I would revoke Article 50, so that we remain in Europe while we set up working committees throughout Britain; these will research the benefits and disadvantages of Europe. We can then have another referendum down the road when we have all the facts.