Caller grills Justice Minister over the fate of the NHS

27 November 2019, 20:29

This is what happened when a caller grilled the Justice Minister repeatedly over the fate of the NHS after Jeremy Corbyn said he'd obtained documents confirming it is "on the table" in US trade talks.

In a press conference today, Jeremy Corbyn said the uncensored documents leave Mr Johnson's denials of discussing the NHS with the US in "absolute tatters."

Justice Minister Chris Philp said he had the dossier Mr Corbyn was referring to in front of him and any concerns that the NHS is being "sold down the river is complete nonsense."

The caller Medi accused Mr Philp of lying and referred to a press conference with Mr Trump earlier this year where the President stated the NHS was on the table in a US-UK trade deal.

"Donald Trump can say what he likes," said the Justice Minister, "our position is that the NHS is not on the table." He said the Conservative party have made it perfectly clear the health service is not up for grabs and they "cherish" it.

The caller then moved on to ask whether Mr Philp had been affected personally by austerity in this country - his response had Eddie repeatedly telling Mr Philp he'd not answered the question.