Coronavirus: Caller shares the experience of being on a ventilator for two weeks

4 May 2020, 20:13

By Fiona Jones

This caller Julie told LBC how she was put to sleep for two weeks while being on a ventilator.

She said to Eddie, "I just remember them putting a bag over me and then I woke up two weeks later...14 days on a ventilator."

While Julie was under they transferred her from Lewisham hospital to Guy's and when she came back round they took her back to Lewisham.

"I'm weak and when I got out I couldn't walk, I couldn't write, I could barely speak because the tube in the throat, the feeding tube, my nose bleeds every morning.

"It's a real struggle and I found it really hard. I've been looking for post-Covid support groups and there doesn't seem to be anything out there because it's not happened before."

Julie pointed out that all respiratory services to outpatients are closed due to the pandemic but has been playing the harmonica as a way to improve her breathing.

She was not allowed visitors at all during her time in hospital but is now doing video calls with her family.

Eddie observed it must have been awful going through this pulverising ordeal and not having a hug, with which Julie agreed.

She has learnt about herself that she is resilient, "It's quite scary when they tell you they're going to breathe for you and then knock you out for five to ten days. You're kind of going to end my life for a while.

"Once you've been out for a while your mind tries to fill the gap and you have disturbing visions and nightmares because your brain is trying to make up for what it doesn't know," Julie said, telling Eddie how she thought the dreams she was having were true.

She is still dealing with that now.