Eddie Mair forces Labour Treasury MP to admit staying in the EU is better for UK economy

7 November 2019, 18:26 | Updated: 7 November 2019, 19:26

Eddie Mair forensically challenged the Labour's Treasury spokesperson until he accepted the forecasts and said it would be more economically sound to stay in the EU.

The spokesperson, Peter Dowd, attempted to dodge answering Eddie on what he thought would be better for the economy, leave or remain.

Dowd said they would go to Europe, renegotiate and then it'd be a matter for the British people to decide.

Eddie said: "Well it's a matter for you as someone who speaks for Labour on the Treasury, who's going to be spending our money. Which is better: remaining or leaving?"

After Dowd insisted it is up to the people to decide, Eddie pointed out the Treasury should know the answer to this.

"You don't think one is better than the other for our economic future?" Eddie asked.

Dowd remarked that it wasn't for him to give a view on this to which Eddie replied that he could be in charge of our economy.

"The National Institute of Economic and Social Research forecast last month that Boris Johnson's Brexit deal expected to cost the UK as much as £70 billion over the next decade compared with remaining in the EU," said Eddie and asked Dowd again whether leaving or remaining is better.

Dowd said: "I accept that all the studies have indicated that that is the basis, yes."

"I've asked you five times and you didn't say what your view was!" Eddie said.

Eddie pushed Dowd until he said he accepted the economic forecast that it would be more beneficial to remain in the EU.