Powerful call with shielding 90-year-old: "We are the forgotten people of England"

17 June 2020, 19:08

By Seán Hickey

This caller moved Eddie Mair to the point where he was asked to leave his phone number to be called on a regular basis.

Eddie Mair was taking time in his show to speak to people who are still shielding because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He spoke to Alan, who really opened his eyes to the loneliness felt by some people in the shielding categories.

"When you're alone in the house, ordinary everyday living problems whilst years ago I'd have said nothing, I can deal with them straight away, now they turn out to be major things, and again, it causes anxiety." Said the 90 year old.

"I was having counselling and I do find now that things that I could have coped with I just cannot cope."

"I am mentally affected, but for my age I am physically great" Alan said, telling Eddie that for a 90 year old, he is fit as a fiddle. He remembered another LBC caller which summed up the struggle he has felt through lockdown. "It doesn't matter how many phone calls you get, once the phone call is over, you fall into a pit" he said.

Some at-risk groups are still shielding from coronavirus, three months on
Some at-risk groups are still shielding from coronavirus, three months on. Picture: PA

The uncertainty of when it may be safe for someone like him to go back outside is something that bothers Alan. He said not knowing whether it'll be "another three weeks or a month" is getting on his nerves.

"I'm old enough to remember the second world war when the Japanese war continued and the army that carried on after VE day in Japan and they got known as the forgotten army, and I think we are the forgotten people of England, I'm not just speaking for myself." He said.

Alan dejectedly wondered "what is the point of life if you cannot live your life," adding "surely the government can do something to make our lives a little bit better."

Eddie offered Alan to return for a regular chat on air. Listen to the call above.

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