Hong Kong Activist Tells LBC Chinese Rule Was "Much Worse" Than British

1 July 2019, 19:30

A protester who was convicted after demonstrating in Hong Kong told LBC that he was shocked demonstrators were able to get into the top government building so easily.

As tens of thousands took to the streets of Hong Kong to demand greater democracy, Eddie Mair spoke to one protester who had previously demonstrated.

Protesters are unhappy about a proposed extradition law which could see criminal deportations to mainland China.

Tommy Cheung Sau-yi, was the youngest among the 9 Umbrella Movement activists that were convicted of public nuisance charges in April 2019 following a series of demonstrations.

Speaking to LBC he said police had attempted to disperse protesters from outside the Legislature Council.

The activist told LBC he didn't expect demonstrators would be able to get into the top government building so easily.

Tommy said the police "didn't have any kind of defence" and that they were in "retreat from the Legislative Council buildings."

Eddie asked if all the protesters and people on the streets "all want the same thing?"

"I think they have the same aims," Tommy said. Adding that he didn't think the government had given a "constructive response" to protesters.

The activist said he thinks Carrie Lam is "facing a political crisis" adding that "she has to face it."

He said he thought the lack of an apology would increase the anger or protesters.

Eddie asked if it was realistic for the Chief Executive to step down over the issue.

The demonstrator told LBC he didn't think Beijing would want her to step down at the moment, as it would be a slap in the face for Chinese Presiden Xi Jinping.

"It's a question of timing?" Eddie asked.

To which Tommy agreed, pointing out that there are upcoming elections.

On the subject of the British rule of Hong Kong, Tommy said it wasn't an "important matter" for him as he was too young to remember it.

He added that large numbers of people thought "Chinese rule" was "much worse" and that Beijing had not fulfilled its promises.

Tommy told Eddie he wished he could be in Hong Kong, but hoped that his work in London would have some impact.

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