Justice Minister forced to respond to caller listing Tories' broken promises

28 November 2019, 14:45 | Updated: 28 November 2019, 14:49

Justice Minister Chris Philp was forced to respond after this caller gave a long list of broken promises made by David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Craig from Camden, when asked why he took issue with the Conservatives, said, "where to start?"

He proceeded to list former Prime Minister David Cameron's unfulfilled promises and Boris Johnson's "lies" throughout Brexit and the election campaign - "it's farcical to even suggest that he's honest."

Examples the caller gave included the Conservative government included the promise for 200,000 starter homes that were not built, the "nonsense" statement that Brexit would cost £1 billion a month and the promise to build 40 new hospitals "which turned out to be six" and "the big lie on the bus that everyone can remember."

When the Justice Minister said he did not agree with this, Eddie asked: "What about the 200,000 starter homes that were never built?"

"It&squot;s farcical to even suggest that he&squot;s honest," said the caller about Boris Johnson
"It's farcical to even suggest that he's honest," said the caller about Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

Mr Philp said under Theresa May's government, the priority was taken away from starter homes and was instead given to housing association homes and affordable homes.

Eddie asked if Mr Philp could trust Boris Johnson and when he said yes, Eddie asked: "Why, because he gave you a job?"

Mr Philp rebutted this and said it was because he was able to renegotiate an improved deal with the EU within 100 days of getting into office. He continued that it was Parliament that had frustrated the Brexit process.

"You know that's not true!" exclaimed the caller Craig, retorting that it was Theresa May who called an election, presuming she'd get a majority and get Brexit done, and she did not.