Rory Stewart: I'd Be "Embarrassed" Having To Defend Johnson Or Corbyn

4 October 2019, 18:12 | Updated: 4 October 2019, 18:22

Rory Stewart said he's running independently for Mayor because he's "depressed" by the behaviour of the parties and he'd be "embarrassed having to defend Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson all the time."

He said that as an independent London Mayor candidate, he would be on the ground listening to the people, putting their interests first and focusing on the city's issues.

Eddie pointed out that an interest of theirs may be to remain in the EU which Rory Stewart would be unable to deliver.

Stewart said that like 60% of London he'd voted to Remain and was thrown out of the Conservative party for voting against a no deal Brexit.

He said: "I believe in compromise. But I also believe the responsibility of the Mayor of London is not just to pontificate about what I personally want with Brexit but prepare London for all the possibilities."

Eddie asked: "Don't you believe that Brexit in any form will be harmful for London?"

Stewart said we can't be "ideological about things we can't control. The referendum happened, people voted, and in the end we're going to see in the next government with the next majority in Parliament what kind of Brexit we're getting."

He said the job of the Mayor is to "make sure we're prepared", whatever the outcome and ensure people stand together.,

Rory Stewart: I&squot;d be "embarrassed" having to defend Corbyn or Johnson
Rory Stewart: I'd be "embarrassed" having to defend Corbyn or Johnson. Picture: PA

Eddie said he sounded like Jeremy Corbyn.

Stewart said: "One of the reasons I've left politics is I'm just depressed by the way that these political parties use political parties to just throw insults at each other. I think that that's actually all the reason in the world why the Mayor of London should be an independent.

It's an ideal job for an independent. I'd be embarrassed, to be honest, running for Mayor and having to defend Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson all the time. I think that's one of the problems these other candidates have.

Eddie clarified: "Did you mean you've left party politics or do you feel you've left politics altogether? Because I think it would be hard to be mayor of anywhere if you didn't know how politics worked?"

"I believe in politics in the sense of making a change in people's lives in the sense of listening and engaging with people and being out on the streets, and taking tough decisions on air quality or policing.

That's what excites me about being a public servant or a politician. But I don't like party politics, I think it's becoming an increasingly toxic force in our society. It's dividing people, it's pitting people against each other."