Sinn Fein’s Brexit Spokesman Says No Deal Makes A United Ireland "Inevitable"

28 January 2019, 17:46 | Updated: 28 January 2019, 17:55

A united Ireland is inevitable if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, Sinn Fein’s Brexit spokesman has told LBC.

David Cullinane said a no-deal Brexit would result in a new border poll and he believes voters on the island of Ireland would back unification.

He spoke to Eddie Mair on the eve of a new round of crunch Brexit votes in the Commons.

MPs will debate a number of amendments on what happens next in regards to Britain’s exit from the bloc.

One amendment could see Article 50 extended if no agreement is reached by February.

A united Ireland is "inevitable" if Britain leaves the EU without a deal
A united Ireland is "inevitable" if Britain leaves the EU without a deal. Picture: LBC/PA

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Mr Cullianane warned British MPs that a no-deal Brexit would be “reckless” and result in Irish reunification.

“It makes it inevitable,” he told Eddie.

“I think people are misguided in Britain and politicians if they believe, in my view, that Irish politicians are going to respond to what I see as threats from British politicians.

“We need clear heads and cool heads after two years of negotiations the backstop is the absolute minimum to avoid a hard border”.

Watch the interview above.