'The Welsh Government has cancelled my Christmas'

16 December 2020, 19:12

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a caller told Eddie Mair that the Welsh Government has "cancelled" her Christmas.

Jane from Gloucestershire was responding to the Welsh Government's decision to reduce the law to two households over the Christmas relaxation period.

The announcement came despite Boris Johnson claiming during PMQs that the four devolved nations had reached a "unanimous agreement" to keep the current restrictions in place, which would allow up to three households to form a bubble over the festive season.

But Welsh First Minister Drakeford simultaneously announced his latest guidance - which restricts households meeting to two between 23-27 December and brings in a strict level four lockdown from 28 December to counteract the expected spread of the virus.

Jane from Gloucestershire accused the Welsh Government of having "cancelled" her Christmas, because her gathering would include three households as opposed to two.

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Speaking to LBC's Eddie Mair, she said: "We had ourselves planned a very small Christmas in Wales to see my mum and dad [who are] both in their mid-80s.

"We have self-isolated. We have even got tests to take a couple of days beforehand. So we are acting like adults.

"So why can they not allow us to be adults and make our own decisions? I'm terribly upset."

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford justified his decision to deviate from the previously agreed approach: "Here in Wales, the position is that only two households should come together to form an exclusive Christmas bubble during the five-day period.

"The fewer people we mix with in our homes, the less chance we have of catching or spreading the virus.

"The price of the relaxed restrictions will be a tougher lockdown in Wales from December 28."

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recommended that those people forming a Christmas bubble should only meet up on one day and not stay overnight "unless it is unavoidable".

She said: "Firstly and unequivocally, the safest way to spend Christmas this year for you and for those you love is to stay within your own household and your own home.

"My strong recommendation is this is what you should do if at all possible."