Tory MP Says Theresa May Should Call Snap Election To Break Brexit Deadlock

18 March 2019, 16:52 | Updated: 18 March 2019, 17:35

A Conservative MP says Theresa May should now call a snap general election in a bid to break the Brexit impasse.

Crispin Blunt told Eddie Mair the Prime Minister should seek a “new mandate from the electorate” after Speaker John Bercow ruled MPs can’t vote on her Brexit deal for a third time without “substantial” change.

“I would suggest she goes to the country," the Eurosceptic backbencher said.

"Given she can’t put her agreement back to Parliament, she seeks a mandate to deliver on the 2017 manifesto which was to deliver on the 2016 referendum - that we would get it done”.

Crispin Blunt MP spoke to Eddie Mair from College Green in Westminster
Crispin Blunt MP spoke to Eddie Mair from College Green in Westminster. Picture: LBC

He said Brits were “fed up” with Parliament and should now be given the choice between either an "improved" version of the PM's deal, or leaving with no agreement at all.

The MP for Reigate added: “17.4 million, plus an awful lot of very bored and fed up people who voted Remain just want this done and I think that would be a pretty popular ticket”.