This Caller Compares BBC TV Licence To Mafia Racket

26 August 2019, 16:54 | Updated: 26 August 2019, 17:18

A caller has compared the BBC's TV Licence system to a mafia racket.

Phil in Richmond called LBC to say that TV watchers should be able to opt out of paying the TV licence if they don't watch any BBC channels.

The caller said: "I'd like to know why can't you opt out of the BBC? Why do you have to be forced into having this licence?

"Why can't you choose, if you want to watch the BBC, say 'I want to watch it' and pay the licence?

He continued: "They should be giving it for free, some of those people, especially veterans, they should be given it all free.

The caller went on to say that the BBC should foot the bill for the TV licences, not the government, and that the system is something akin to a mafia racket.

He said: "There's masses amounts of money they [the BBC] fritter away. Masses amounts of money and everyone knows that.

"But we're forced to pay this BBC licence, which I think a mafia organisation would love to proud of how they get away with it."

It follows intense debate around the future of free TV licences for pensioners over the age of 75.