Caller forces Labour candidate to admit he doesn't know crucial tax figures

9 December 2019, 20:13 | Updated: 9 December 2019, 20:16

This caller interrogated Labour candidate Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi over inheritance tax and forced him to admit he didn't know the figures.

The caller Hazel asked Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi about Labour's policy on inheritance tax.

Mr Dhesi acknowledged that there had been a miscommunication that Labour would reduce the £125,000 threshold "which is not the case."

Hazel said this did not help her: "At the moment the Conservatives are allowing £350,000 plus £150,000 for your house. Now what is your figure because I've heard it was £125,000?"

Mr Dhesi said that the figure Hazel quoted was incorrect: "I haven't got the exact figures to hand but it is in essence it's similar to what was before."

Hazel asked if Labour was keeping to the Conservative stance of £150,000 for your house or if Labour are reducing that threshold.

"I don't think we're reducing anything," he replied.

Hazel admonished him, "This is very important, with respect because my view is we've already paid tax on it. I've worked 40 years to pay for my house and at one time under Labour I was paying 34% tax. So I don't see why, when I want to leave my house to my grandson, he should be put in the position of having to remortgage, or sell it, to pay tax."

"Can you guarantee that under a Labour government he won't be put in that decision?"

The caller wasn't convinced by Labour's manifesto
The caller wasn't convinced by Labour's manifesto. Picture: PA

Mr Dhesi said he "doesn't think" Hazel's grandson will be put in that position. He continued: "Our proposals are not to make people worse off in terms of taxing them."

"I don't like his answer," said Hazel, "I want the figure. It's alright saying you haven't got the figure in front of you but I want the figures."

Mr Dhesi said that Labour have made a cast-iron guarantee that anyone earning up to £80,000 will not be affected and their tax won't be raised.

Hazel reeled off the increase in marriage tax and said, "We will be worse off. Please don't try to pull wool over our eyes, we will pay more."

Eddie asked: "Do you accept Hazel's point that to talk about the 5% and to only talk about income tax is to not tell the full story?"

When Eddie pushed Mr Dhesi that this was misleading he said that ultimately people will be better off and they will be increasing the living wage.

"I'm retired!" exclaimed Hazel. Mr Dhesi to this listed benefits older people will have and Hazel said that we already have that under a Tory government and "we will be worse off."