Climate Change Activist Who Blocked Boris Speaks To LBC

24 July 2019, 17:29

One of the Greenpeace activists who blocked Boris Johnson's car on the way to Downing Street spoke to LBC to explain why.

After Boris Johnson's convoy was dramatically blocked by Greenpeace activists on the way to Buckingham Palace, LBC spoke to one of the protesters.

She told Eddie Mair that there were around 20 demonstrators who formed a "human chain" with the aim of interrupting the new Prime Minister's arrival.

She said they wanted to hand him a "climate emergency manifesto."

The demonstrator told LBC that when Boris was announced Prime Minister he did not speak about climate change at all.

Eddie Mair asked what it was like to stand in one of the most secure places in the country, the demonstrator said they were calm, and that they walked into the road and held up a banner and documents.

Eddie asked if she was surprised someone was able to "get so close to the car."

The demonstrator said that the climate risk was too high, and it was "very clear" they were unarmed.

Watch the whole exchange in the videos on the page.