Coronavirus: Heartbreaking call branded essential for people ignoring lockdown rules

27 March 2020, 18:33

By Fiona Jones

This call is so shocking and heartbreaking listeners brand this essential listening for those people refusing to follow lockdown rules.

Maureen's son Spencer contracted coronavirus and after seven days he seemed to get better. Tragically, he suddenly collapsed on the way to the bathroom and died within 10 minutes.

His wife, who is considered high-risk, tried to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and once the paramedics arrived they tried for over an hour to revive him.

Not only has Maureen lost her son in such an abrupt way, she is self-isolating - she cannot even give her daughter-in-law or 18-year-old granddaughter a hug when they all need it most.

Maureen hadn't seen her son in over two weeks before he died and is still unable to visit his body during the pandemic.

She told Eddie all about her son Spencer who was a 57 year old London cab driver who thought the world of his wife and daughter. He was a lifelong Spurs supporter.

Eddie assured Maureen that we are all mourning with her during this truly difficult time.