David Baddiel Reacts To News Of Labour's Adoption Of Anti-Semitism Definition

5 September 2018, 17:16

The Jewish comedian gave his thoughts on Labour's adoption of the international anti-Semitism definition.

Yesterday Labour's ruling body approved the change to its code of conduct, to help investigate, suspend and expel members accused of discriminating against Jewish people.

But Jeremy Corbyn faced the wrath of some groups for trying to add a "free-speech" statement saying it is not anti-Semitic to "describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist".

Jewish comedian David Baddiel shared his thoughts telling Eddie Mair: "The IRHA definition does allow for an enormous amount of contextualisation of what might or might not be considered anti-Semitic when it comes to the state of Israel.

"It does already say, it may be anti-Semitic to call the state of Israel a racist endeavour which is the one that has caused all the problem.

"The problem then is why does Jeremy Corbyn feel it's so important to clarify and re-clarify and say 'it is ok, it's not anti-Semitic to say that.'

"I think the problem is, that then it starts to appear like it's more important to protect these anti-Zionists in his party, including himself, than it is to protect Jews."