Eddie Mair Grills Jo Johnson Over Second Brexit Referendum Bid

23 November 2018, 17:53

Jo Johnson was given an Eddie Mair grilling as he called for Article 50 to be extended so a second Brexit referendum could be held.

The former transport minister resigned from his post at the start of the month in protest over Theresa May’s EU exit plan.

He says the withdrawal agreement does not deliver on the referendum result and is a “shoddy deal” for Britain.

The Conservative MP is now campaigning for a so-called People’s Vote as he says the Prime Minister’s plan will be voted down by MPs next month.

Eddie Mair grilled Jo Johnson over his campaign for a second Brexit referendum
Eddie Mair grilled Jo Johnson over his campaign for a second Brexit referendum. Picture: LBC

“We’ve got to face the facts,” he said. “This is the best possible deal we could get with Brussels after two-and-a-half years of negotiations - it’s a turkey it won’t fly.

“We’re not going to do any better even if we were able to re-open the negotiations, so I think the government will have little choice but to go back to the people.”

Eddie responded by explaining to the Orpington MP what many LBC listeners had been telling him.

Jo Johnson said Mrs May&squot;s Brexit deal was a "turkey" and it "won&squot;t fly"
Jo Johnson said Mrs May's Brexit deal was a "turkey" and it "won't fly". Picture: LBC

He said: “The number of people who call this programme and others, furious with the idea of another referendum, who think you and your friends are sore losers determined to anything to stop the will of the people.

“People voted and there was a majority - the simple anger there is at what you’re suggesting… just makes them even more cross.”

Mr Johnson replied: “People would be deceived if they’re being told Brexit is being delivered when it really isn’t.”

To which Eddie hit back: “Isn’t it more of a deception to ask people to vote in a referendum and not give them what they voted for?”

Watch it unfold above.