Eddie Mair's comical takedown of Donald Trump's disinfectant comments

24 April 2020, 18:22

By Seán Hickey

Donald Trump stressed that he is not a doctor in his statement, so Eddie Mair prescribed his own medical advice to the US President.

After claims by President Donald Trump that whether injecting disinfectant in a coronavirus patient could be a treatment for the disease, the US President has understandably come under serious criticism.

Eddie Mair gave a voice to a range of US doctors who had their say on the president's coronavirus comments who overwhelmingly urged the public to not listen to Donald Trump.

He went on to make his own prescription of what he feels the president may have been suffering with himself. "Like the president, I'm not a doctor" he began, followed by an assessment he thanked the internet for providing him.

Eddie began by stating that "the president seemed to be speaking from the final component of the gastro-intestinal tract"

"Judging by what we heard from the president there's clearly a problem in this area" he continued. Eddie then went on to list some topical treatments for how you might cure dysfunction in a patients gastro-intestinal tract.

He was sure again to point out to the listeners that he was not in fact a doctor, but merely someone who has a good "you know what" echoing a statement made by President Trump.

Imagining Donald Trump was listening to his prescription, Eddie insisted that he hoped the advice would help.

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