Leave Would Beat Remain 60-40 In A Second Referendum, Richard Tice Claims

26 February 2019, 17:41 | Updated: 26 February 2019, 18:08

Leave would win a second referendum 60-40 if it was a choice between a no-deal Brexit and Remain, the Leave Means Leave co-chair claimed.

Richard Tice joined Eddie Mair after Theresa May announced MPs would be able to vote on a no-deal Brexit or delaying Britain's departure from the EU if they reject her deal next month.

It came a day after Labour announced it was prepared to back a second referendum to stop a "damaging Tory Brexit".

Richard Tice spoke to Eddie Mair on Tuesday
Richard Tice spoke to Eddie Mair on Tuesday. Picture: Getty

Mr Tice rejected claims from Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry that another vote should be a choice between Remain and Mrs May's deal.

And he warned Remainer's pinning their hopes on overturning Brexit in a second referendum that a WTO exit would beat staying in the EU by at least 60-40.

Watch the interview above.