Rebecca Long-Bailey: Marcus Rashford's campaign brilliant example of people power

16 June 2020, 16:21

By Seán Hickey

Rebecca Long-Bailey has told LBC that Marcus Rashford's campaign has shown the power citizens have to force change in politics.

"I think its a very very welcome U-turn that's been made today and its a victory for the 1.3m children who were potentially going to be going hungry over the summer.

"That's in no small part thanks to Marcus Rashford" said the Shadow Home Secretary, in an interview with Eddie Mair.

Ms Long-Bailey showed the move to be testament to how the people of the UK ultimately hold the government to account and can pressure politicians into change. She claimed that "it's showed the best of our country over the last few days and what can be achieved when we come together"

Eddie wanted to know if this "says something about how change can be achieved quickly while a government in Westminster has a majority of 80" and the Labour MP told him that "it's made people aware and they've heaped pressure on their local representatives" to force change.

Rebecca Long-Bailey praised the campaign of the England footballer
Rebecca Long-Bailey praised the campaign of the England footballer. Picture: PA

"This people powered politics is something I would like to see more of in the future" said Ms Long-Bailey.

The Shadow Education Secretary also heaped praise on Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford in making it "a non-political issue." Eddie wondered if "should the government go further" to guarantee the Covid summer food fund not just for this year, but for next year too.

"I want to see a fundamental programme of reform set out by the government to eradicate child poverty." Said the Labour MP.

"I think we could gain a consensus on that right around the country no matter what political party you support."

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