Rail Fares: Eddie Mair Lays Into Department For Transport Who Declined Interview

30 November 2018, 17:54 | Updated: 30 November 2018, 17:59

Eddie Mair did not hold back with his criticism of the Department of Transport after the government department refused to do an interview on rail fare rises and instead offered a “pooled clip”.

Today it was announced commuters would face a 3.1% average hike in rail tickets from 2nd January 2019.

The rise comes despite a year of disruption on some lines around the country.

Eddie wanted to discuss the increase with the Department for Transport.

But, he was told nobody was available to speak to him and instead offered a “pooled clip”.

The response did not sit well with Eddie and his response was brutal.

Watch it unfold above (and yes, it does include the Thomas The Tank Engine theme tune).