"There're no serious criminals in here," caller due to be deported tells Eddie Mair

10 February 2020, 17:55

This caller TJ is due to board the deportation flight tomorrow and knows no one in Jamaica. He told Eddie that none of the people going back are serious criminals, including his friend who was jailed for a drug offence as he couldn't work.

TJ shared that he'd only been to Jamaica twice in his life and didn't enjoy the climate.

"There's no serious criminals in here," he said, "there's no rapists and there's no murderers. All there is is drug dealers and people who were forced to do that life because they ain't got no passport because the Home Office don't give them no passport.

"People who are trying to live to the next day honestly."

TJ was with someone who is also due to be deported tomorrow; he was put in jail for drugs because he "couldn't get a passport because he couldn't work."

"He couldn't get legal aide and he had to basically sell drugs to pay the solicitor and now he's got arrested on the road so now it's like a loophole," TJ said, "I didn't do that. I just stayed on the road, went to church and helped my mum. I didn't do that but I got still got caught back in it."

He said he'd not been arrested or charged for anything in 6 years.