Epstein accusers' lawyer: I have the right to summon Prince Andrew

22 November 2019, 13:13

The lawyer of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers tells Eddie Mair what she'd like to ask Prince Andrew - as she has the right to summon him to court.

Lisa Bloom, an attorney who represents five women who have accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual assault.

She said of Prince Andrew she would like "clear accounting of all of the times he had any interaction with Jeffrey Epstein, whether that was by telephone, by email, by text or by personal visit."

Bloom is aware that the Prince interacted with Epstein in the UK, US and on Epstein's private island.

"There were a number of witnesses who say that there were many underage girls and young women going in and out at all three of those locations, particularly the island and at the New York residence."

The attorney wants to know what Prince Andrew saw, when did he see it, would he have had an opportunity to do something about it and "then of course there are the allegations against Prince Andrew himself."

She also wants to ask him in detail about the photograph with Virginia Roberts - whether he maintains that it is doctored or not as Ms Bloom doesn't think that was "at all clear" in his last interview.

Teala Davis is the latest person to come forward and say she was 17 years old when she was sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein
Teala Davis is the latest person to come forward and say she was 17 years old when she was sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein. Picture: PA

Eddie said: "In his statement last night indicated he'd be happy to cooperate with all appropriate law enforcement inquiries. Is that enough for you?"

"Well it's a good first step but there's devil in the detail, what does that mean exactly? Is he willing to come to the United States and answer questions with the FBI without holding back anything? Without an attorney objecting?" Ms Bloom said, and asked if he was also willing to have his staff who travel with him questioned by her.

Adding to this, she asked if he would turn over his documents, diaries and correspondence.

Eddie asked: "How much is down to him choosing to cooperate and how much can he be forced to cooperate?"

As Ms Bloom is in active litigation with charges against Epstein, "I have the right to subpoena witnesses if they have information that could even lead to discoverable information in the case. I'm allowed to cast a pretty wide net."

She said it is more complicated if witnesses are international but it is certainly possible - "As far as I know the Royal Family are not above the law."