Stop Using The Word “Brexiteer” To Describe Leave Voters, Remainer Urges

21 January 2019, 17:21

People should stop using the word “Brexiteer” because it makes Leave supporters sound like heroes, this Remainer claimed.

Jonathan from Finchley took issue with the word during a phone call to Eddie Mair on Monday.

He also sparked controversy when he suggested young people should be given “more votes” than their older counterparts.

The caller spoke as Theresa May waived a £65 fee for EU citizens wanting “settled status” after Brexit.

The Prime Minister made the announcement as she set out her Plan B for Britain leaving the EU.

She told MPs she’ll be looking for changes to the problematic Irish border backstop and insisted that Article 50 should not be revoked.

A Remainer phoned LBC to take issue with the word "Brexiteer"
A Remainer phoned LBC to take issue with the word "Brexiteer". Picture: LBC

Jonathan, a self-proclaimed Remainer, wanted to take issue with the terminology used to described Leave voters.

“Would you be ok to change the word ‘Brexiteers’ to ‘Leavers’?” Jonathan asked Eddie Mair.

“I think ‘Brexiteers’ sounds a little bit like ‘Musketeers’ as if they’re some kind of heroes.”

He added: “Every time you use the word Brexiteer you’re giving a nudge to the brand of the people who wanted to Leave.”

Eddie replied: “And it brings a tear to your eye?”

Jonathan responded: “People who want to Leave are called Leavers and people who want to Remain are Remainers.”

And once he got that off his chest, the caller then turned to the so-called Crossover Day.

It’s a highly controversial claim that Britain would now vote Remain because of the ageing population.

Jonathan's remarks around the issue prompted a flurry of responses on social media.

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