Brexit Party MEP is "disenfranchised" after Farage stood down his constituency's candidate

25 November 2019, 19:43 | Updated: 25 November 2019, 19:45

This Brexit Party member admitted to LBC that he feels "disenfranchised" because he cannot vote for his own party after leader Nigel Farage told candidates to stand down in Tory held seats.

The caller Greg prompted this response from party member Ben Habib as he said he feels "disenfranchised" with politics and "let down" that Nigel Farage isn't even running himself.

Mr Habib admitted he agreed because he lives in Fulham and he "had an excellent candidate" who was stood down.

He continued: "What Nigel did was to put the national interest ahead of the interests of the organism and he recognised that the only way to ensure that we didn't get a Labour-led nightmare of a government was to effectively stand down in these 317 seats against the Tories."

After Tom asked Mr Habib why the party didn't stand down in Labour seats, the MEP insisted that devoted Labour voters would be more likely to vote for the Brexit Party to represent their Leave views as opposed to voting Tory.

Instead, he said, the Conservative candidates should have stood down in Labour-held seats to ensure a proper majority.

Greg interjected that he didn't think Nigel Farage did the right thing "by any means" because Mr Johnson's deal "is half in half out" and he questioned how the Brexit Party could have an influence in Parliament with only 5 or so seats.

Mr Habib responded: "10 DUP MPs was enough to really hold the direction of travel for quite some time, and we would be together with the DUP and's all to be played for."