Caller ‘involved’ in scams received ‘karma’ when his father was defrauded

4 January 2023, 15:57

Young people have become millionaires from scamming, this caller reveals



This caller who would be “in the same room” hearing scams take place says he used to wonder why the victims were “so stupid” for handing their money until his father was scammed.

This caller revealed he personally knows people who have become “millionaires” through scamming people, much to Tom Swarbrick’s surprise, and received “karma” when his own father experienced it.

The call came after barrister Clare Montgomery KC revealed that 99 per cent of ‘low-level fraud’ cases remain uninvestigated.

Jack in Ealing said: “I’ve been in the same room hearing the scam take place…I was involved in it.”

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He said the scammer “doesn't really care about your feelings” and they just “want the money”.

Jack said he used to wonder why the victims were “so stupid”. After seeing what his father “went through” in experiencing fraud, he said: “That’s when it really hit me.”

“I was thinking, how are people doing this?” he wondered.

“I hate to say it Jack, but karma absolutely got you there”, Tom swiped.

“One hundred per cent”, his caller agreed, saying this is why he wanted to inform people about the dangers of scamming and how to avoid it happening to them.

Tom Swarbrick praises caller for helping friend get back £10,000

“I’m more familiar with the term called spoofing”, he said. “The scammer has your phone number, they give you a call and they act like the bank.”

“You might be on an email list”, the caller explained, confirming that personal details are bought in bulk from the dark web.
He said that out of 100 phone numbers, even just one person falling for the scam might generate the fraudsters £20,000 or £30,000.

Jack said they will tell their victims: “We’ve received an attempted payment. The victim is automatically anxious thinking, ‘wait, I haven’t made this payment’, so they trust the ‘bank’ even more.”

“They’ll persuade them to make payments into safety deposit accounts”, the Ealing caller added.

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He said if anyone calls you claiming to be the bank, they should hang up and “call the bank directly”, in spite of the pressure the scammers may put on you to try and keep you on the phone.

When Tom asked how much money he had seen people make from defrauding people, he said “I saw ridiculous amounts”.

“They’re living in Dubai, they’re living the good life, they’ve got millions.”

“Millions?” Tom asked in disbelief.

“They’re millionaires off the back of this”, Jack confirmed. “They’re only 23, 24 years old”.

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