Dominic Raab Tells LBC The UK Will Leave On WTO Terms If The EU Doesn't Scrap The Backstop

29 July 2019, 08:32

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has told LBC if the EU does not agree to scrap the Irish border backstop, the UK will leave the bloc "on World Trade Organisation terms."

The new Foreign Secretary told LBC it was "obvious in the real world" there needs to "be a change to the deal".

Tom Swarbrick said "what is that change?"

Mr Raab said "first and foremost is the abolition of the undemocratic backstop."

He said "if the EU won't shift at all, if there's no negotiation, no flexibility, no pragmatism, then we would leave on WTO terms."

The Tory MP said either way the government would be ready to "manage the risk of Brexit" and the "enormous opportunities it presents."

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