Former Admiral Brands Government Response To Iran Tanker Standoff "Absolutely Appalling"

29 July 2019, 15:07

Rear-Admiral Chris Parry branded the government response to the Iran tanker standoff as "absolutely appalling."

The former top Royal Navy officer told LBC he doesn't think the government did a good job at all in their response to the Iran tanker standoff.

In a shocking blast at the government he said: "If one of my students at the Maritime Warfare Center come up with the plan I would have sacked them."

He said it was "absolutely appalling" adding "it put no pressure on the Iranians" and did not involve the US Navy, who Iran fear.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry was speaking to Tom Swarbrick
Rear Admiral Chris Parry was speaking to Tom Swarbrick. Picture: Maritime Media Awards/LBC

He accused the European Union of being "AWOL."

Commenting that things seem to be getting back under control now Boris Johnson has taken over as Prime Minister.

Tom Swarbrick said it seemed "very odd: that Jeremy Hunt, then Foreign Secretary, proposed "working with the EU" without the backing of the European Union in the first place.

Rear-Admiral Parry said he thought it was "muddled thinking" and blamed "all sorts of factions going backward and forwards" in Downing Street.

He said that the real fight was with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and they they are the ones "making all the troubles in the Gulf at the moment," not the government.

Giving his expert opinion the former Navy officer said that if Iran get nuclear weapons we'll see an increase in the "sort of behaviour that we're seeing in the Gulf at the moment.

"We're seeing increased terrorism in the Greater Middle East region. We'll see interference in proxy wars, like in Syria and Yemen. And increased pressure in traffic going through Strait of Hormuz."

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