GP warns: Unless I get more protection from coronavirus, I won't turn up for work

28 February 2020, 09:55

A GP told LBC that she feels very vulnerable to coronavirus and may refuse to work unless she is given greater protection.

Sonia told Tom Swarbrick that sitting opposite spluttering patients puts her at risk of catching the virus and with a young family and elderly relatives, she wants help to avoid catching the virus.

Speaking to LBC, she said: "You hear all these issues about the NHS being completely prepared, but I just want to give you my view as a GP.

"As a GP, I feel really really vulnerable.

"It's just everywhere now. We are literally sitting a metre away with patients coughing and spluttering on us, we're asking people to stick their tongue out and say 'ahhh'. We have no protection whatsoever.

"A lot of my colleagues are saying that if GPs are not protected, then we probably won't work because we have our own children, we have our own elderly relatives and we don't want to be passing it on."

Tom Swarbrick heard from a GP who was very worried about coronavirus
Tom Swarbrick heard from a GP who was very worried about coronavirus. Picture: LBC / PA

Her call created a big stir on LBC, with some listeners backing her, while others said she was selfish.

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