Government plans to 'give back far more personal freedoms' from July 19

5 July 2021, 08:31

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Government plans to 'give back personal freedoms' from the 19th of July, minister tells LBC.

Ahead of a planned announcement by Boris Johnson LBC's Tom Swarbrick spoke to Care Minister Helen Whately.

Tom asked the minister if she could details what would happen when it comes to mask-wearing.

Later today the Prime Minister is expected to tell people in England that it will be left to their "judgement" to manage coronavirus risks as he prepares to restore freedoms on July 19.

The minister told LBC that the government was "switching to an approach which is much more about personal responsibility and people exercising their judgement."

When Tom asked the minister what was the best advice to for people who want to keep themselves safe Ms Whately said she could not preempt announcements by senior government members.

But, she did say the current plan was that the government would be moving towards a "personal responsibility" approach.

"We are expecting on the 19th of July to be able to give people back far more of their personal freedoms so that life gets much more back towards normal."

Boris Johnson will lead a Downing Street press conference on Monday where he will tell the public that the country must "begin to learn to live with this virus" in the clearest indication yet that he is preparing to do away with a swathe of restrictions on daily life.

Mr Johnson will update the nation on the future of the one metre-plus rule in hospitality venues, the use of face coverings and work from home guidance, with multiple reports suggesting they will all be scrapped.

It has been suggested that from so-called "freedom day" on July 19 mask wearing will become voluntary, while social distancing in pubs and bars will end - along with needing to use a QR code to check-in - meaning a return to drinking at the bar without the requirement for table service.

Mass events, including festivals, will also reportedly be allowed under the proposals for the final stage of the road map out of lockdown.

Alongside the press conference, Health Secretary Sajid Javid will address the Commons on Monday to update MPs on any changes.