Tom Swarbrick Demands Leadership As 100th Murder Investigation Opened In London

25 August 2018, 08:34

Tom Swarbrick asks what happened to leadership from Cressida Dick as the Metropolitan Police open their 100th murder investigation in the capital.

Scotland Yard has opened its 100th inquiry into a violent death after a 73-year-old was found at home in Teddington after a fire on Wednesday.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police believe Carole Harrison had suffered injuries "consistent with an assault".

Tom Swarbrick criticised the Met Police Chief Cressida Dick for the rise in violent deaths on her watch.

"Cressida Dick, when she came in last April, said the need to curb violence was absolutely at the centre of her leadership," he said.

"Well what's going on?

"Where is the leadership, if you came in last April to curb violence, and now you're investigating the 100th death at a quicker rate than the last decade, what's happened to the leadership?"