Moderate Labour MPs Must Take Blame For Brexit Stalemate, Says Tom Swarbrick

15 August 2019, 08:17

The UK appears to be lurching towards either a no-deal Brexit or Jeremy Corbyn as PM. Those Labour MPs who don't want Corbyn as leader must be really regretting voting against the Brexit deal, says Tom Swarbrick.

The Labour leader launched his bid yesterday to block a no-deal Brexit and install himself as a caretaker Prime Minister.

Commentators believe those are now the two most likely options - but are unlikely to appeal to the moderate Labour MPs, who don't want to leave without a deal, but also don't want Mr Corbyn as leader.

And Tom Swarbrick says they must be regretting that they rejected the chance to block no-deal when they had the chance.

Tom Swarbrick says Labour's moderates must take some of the blame on Brexit
Tom Swarbrick says Labour's moderates must take some of the blame on Brexit. Picture: PA/LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, the former Downing Street advisor said: "I tell you the people who must really be rueing their decisions are those Labour MPs who don't want Jeremy Corbyn to lead their country, nor lead the country, and also don't want a no-deal Brexit.

"It is those Labour MPs I'm afraid who partly bare responsibility for the us finding ourselves in this situation contemplating a straight choice between a no-deal Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

"They had the chance.

"If you didn't want no-deal, you could take it off the table. If you didn't want Brexit to be overturned, you could take it off the table.

"They just had to vote for the deal. And they didn't."

MPs rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal three times, which has only increased the uncertainty around the UK's future.