Prison Officer's Shocking Account Of Serial Killers Being Treated Like Rock Stars

12 August 2019, 10:33

Serial killers are being treated to music festivals, magicians and personal tours of the jail by the governor, this former prison officer told LBC.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a review of sentencing policy, looking in particularly at the rules governing how and when violent and sexual offenders are released from prison.

As Tom Swarbrick was discussing the changes, Richard called in from Windsor to tell of his time working as a prison officer in a Category A jail which housed some of the most violent criminals in the country.

And he admitted being shocked by the "rock star" treatment that were given out to some of the serial killers jailed there - even putting on a music festival and magician for the inmates.

Tom Swarbrick was shocked by the things Richard told him about prisons
Tom Swarbrick was shocked by the things Richard told him about prisons. Picture: PA / LBC

Richard revealed: "I was a prison officer for two and a half years. I went into that as an experienced soldier thinking this is a structured organisation and it's got discipline behind it. It couldn't have been more opposite to that.

"I was looking after serial killers who were treated like rock stars.

"One very well-known child killer was met at the back doors of the prison, greeted by the governor, shaken by the hand and taken a tour of the prison before that person was put into a cell.

"We were not allowed to approach that serial killer to discipline them in any form whatsoever. It all had to be done through the security department because that person was so high-profile, normal officers were banned. We had to treat that person as a separate entity in case that person got distressed."

But things got even more shocking when he told of some of the entertainment put on for the prisoners.

"There were music festivals going on. There were caterers brought in at the taxpayers' expense - 25 grand for one day. Magicians were brought in. DJs were brought in.

"It was an outdoor festival because the prisoners felt they were missing out on the outside because all these festivals were going on.

"They put a petition together and put it to the governor. I thought there's no way the governor would allow it - but he did."

His call is truly remarkable and has to be heard to be believed. Watch the full call at the top of the page.