Remainer Begs Tom Swarbrick To Back Second Brexit Vote... For The Sake Of Tom's Kids

21 October 2019, 23:16 | Updated: 22 October 2019, 06:59

This was the moment an emotional caller urged Tom Swarbrick to get behind the People's Vote campaign - for the sake of the LBC presenter's own two children.

Alex phoned Tom after the Government published its Withdrawal Agreement Bill - and told MPs it wanted them to vote on it just three days later.

He told the LBC presenter to "stand up" and "get some backbone", adding that "the government has had five goes at this - we've had one go".

Young people taking part in Saturday's People's Vote rally
Young people taking part in Saturday's People's Vote rally. Picture: PA

Alex even told the former Downing Street advisor - who opposes a second Brexit referendum before Britain leaves the EU - that "if I have to stop listening to you, I will - because I don't agree with you."

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