Caller in Stoke is so scared of coronavirus, she hasn't left her house for a month

23 February 2020, 23:31 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 07:20

This caller from Staffordshire told Tom Swarbrick that she hasn't left her home in a month in case she becomes infected with coronavirus.

Liz called Tom from Stoke-on-Trent, to say that she is frightened of contracting the illness in her home city because of its mainline railway station, as well as Keele University - which Liz says "has a very high proportion of Chinese students".

She explained that hasn't left her home in six weeks, because she "didn't need to go shopping" prior to coronavirus hitting the headlines.

Tom Swarbrick heard this remarkable call from a woman scared of coronavirus
Tom Swarbrick heard this remarkable call from a woman scared of coronavirus. Picture: LBC / PA

Tom pointed out that no cases of coronavirus have been reported in Stoke, but Liz highlighted the story of three police officers in Stafford who had self-isolated after arresting a person who was suspected of having the illness.

Tom then asked Liz how she was surviving without shopping for food - and was told that she is using "her store" of tinned goods and cooking new dishes.

Listeners - including the comedian Dom Joly - took to Twitter to air their responses to Liz's call.

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