Tom Swarbrick Swiftly Skewers Brexiteer’s Point About EU Pensions

24 August 2018, 14:20 | Updated: 24 August 2018, 14:24

This Brexiteer’s point about EU pensions came crashing down moments into his phone call to Tom Swarbrick.

Nick phoned LBC after Philip Hammond came under attack from his own side for reiterating a warning that a no-deal Brexit could damage the economy.

The Chancellor published a letter just hours after the Brexit Secretary attempted to play down fears over leaving the bloc without any arrangement.

Tom Swarbrick
Picture: LBC

But, this caller wanted to take aim at Remainer peers and others who receive their pensions from the EU.

He said they couldn’t be “trusted” to be objective on Brexit, because they were receiving money from the bloc.

“It all comes down to money, follow the money,” he said.

But, Tom had a counter argument up his sleeve which saw the beginning of the end of the caller's point.

Watch above now.