Ukip Peer: Islam Expert Tommy Robinson Could Teach Muslims About Quran

28 November 2018, 09:41

Former Ukip leader Lord Pearson insists Tommy Robinson is an expert on Islam who could teach Muslims about the Quran.

The controversial campaigner has been named as a "Special Personal Adviser" to Ukip leader Gerard Batten, leading to the resignation of MEP Patrick O'Flynn from the party.

Asked which member he'd prefer, the peer chose Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

He said: "He is an expert. He is a Quranic expert.

"He's co-authored with Peter McLoughlan a really important book on Islam. That is a book which puts the Quran into chronological order.

"This is not just a mindless thug. This is a very clever man."

Tom Swarbrick asked him: "So there are Muslim voters that Ukip would like to appeal to who could learn something from Tommy Robinson about Islam?"

Lord Pearson responded: "Yes, I think we have to team up with them. There certainly are, yes, because a lot of Muslims don't necessarily go into that sort of detail.

"We really haven't much of a hope in standing up to Islam long-term unless we do it, starting now, with our peaceful Muslim friends who have a very different view of Islam. That has to be the Islam of the future."