'Utter cobblers' Tom Swarbrick dismisses Trump supporter's claim over child immunity

6 August 2020, 15:58 | Updated: 6 August 2020, 16:00

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Greg Swenson from Republicans Overseas defends Donald Trump's claim that children are "almost immune" to coronavirus, saying "It depends on what the definition of what immune is."

Facebook deleted a post from Donald Trump as it contained a misleading claim about Covid-19.

In a Fox News video, the US president said that children are "almost immune" to the virus.

A few hours later, Twitter temporarily blocked the Trump campaign from posting, until it removed the same video.

Greg told LBC it was "fairly typical" because "most of the big tech players lean left" and the move comes as no surprise to him as they are "completely woke."

The Trump supporter told Tom Swarbrick he would be able to understand it if something was "blatantly false and dangerous" as long as there was "equal treatment."

Tom said "regardless of the political leanings" of the big tech companies "they can also check verifiable facts," so he asked, "what is true about saying that children are almost immune to coronavirus?"

The Republican shot back and said "that's absolutely true" which the LBC host challenged.

"Look," Greg said, "if you want to direct it and say are they immune to catching it, the answer is no."

"Exactly," Tom interspersed with a chuckle.

But still, the Republican claimed children were "immune to the risk that are associated with it."

A video posted by the President was deleted by Facebook
A video posted by the President was deleted by Facebook. Picture: PA

When LBC presenter Tom challenged the Trump supporter on what risks children are immune to, the answer was that"clearly" children are "immune to the risk of fatality."

Again, an incredulous Tom Swarbrick challenged the American saying "sadly, that's not true" and children have died from coronavirus.

And while Mr Swenson listed the number of children who had died from other causes and Tom made an unusual statement.

"I am not a leader of a woke tech company and even in this discussion we can come to the conclusion that children are almost immune to coronavirus is complete and utter cobblers."

But still, the Trump supporter disagreed with the LBC host.

When Tom questioned him what he meant, Mr Swenson shot back suggesting it "depends what the definition of immune is?"

Watch the whole call in the video above to find out LBC host Tom Swarbrick's response.