Vote For May's Deal Or You Won't Get Brexit, Tom Swarbrick Tells Brexiteer MP

28 March 2019, 06:58

When this Brexiteer MP said he would never vote for Theresa May's withdrawal agreement, Tom Swarbrick told him he simply won't get Brexit.

Mark Francois, one of the leading lights in the ERG, the Eurosceptic group of Conservative MPs, told Tom that nothing could make him vote for the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

He said: "I've been absolutely consistent about this. I won't back it, because I've read it."

But Tom told him: "You're not going to get Brexit, Mark. You're not going to get any form of Brexit at all. You're not going to leave the treaties of the European Union.

"You've seen what's happening in parliament, you know it better than I do.

"You can have all the hugs in the ERG that you like, it's not going to happen without that deal going through."

But Mr Francois insisted: "He who laughs last, laughs longest. The reason we're so adamantly against this is that we've read the bloody thing and we don't leave the European Union."

Tom Swarbrick was left with his head in his hands
Tom Swarbrick was left with his head in his hands. Picture: LBC

Tom then asked why Boris Johnson is planning to vote for the deal and Mr Francois responded by saying he was going to return Boris's book about Winston Churchill to him, telling him he could learn a lot from the wartime Prime Minister.

That left Tom with his head in his hands. Watch in full at the top of the page.