World is a much safer place with Biden in White House, argues Shadow Trade Sec.

8 November 2020, 12:24

By Seán Hickey

The Shadow International Trade Secretary argued that President Trump has destabilised the world order during his presidency and Joe Biden can reverse this.

Emily Thornberry has long been a critic of President Donald Trump and following the news that Joe Biden is the President-elect, she spoke on Swarbrick on Sunday to break down how things in the US now change.

Tom Swarbrick asked the Shadow International Trade Secretary: "Do you think the world is now a safer place with Donald Trump out of the White House and Joe Biden in it?"

Ms Thornberry confirmed that it "can't be overstated how much safer we are now," adding that "America can't do well in a world that is dying all around us."

She focussed on the turbulence of the Trump presidency, reminding Tom that President Trump pulled the USA out of Paris Climate Agreement and rolled back on many climate-related policies.

Emily Thornberry listed the reckless behaviour of Donald Trump through his time as President
Emily Thornberry listed the reckless behaviour of Donald Trump through his time as President. Picture: PA

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"The way in which he did foreign relations was to have stand-offs with people and bring us to the absolute brink of war and then walk away again," she added.

Ms Thornberry argued that the President's approach to politics has been reckless.

"Are there any less nuclear weapons in North Korea now?" she asked, adding that "the Iranian nuclear deal that took decades to negotiate is in tatters at the moment," as a result of the actions of President Trump.