Why Asking Questions Of Jeremy Corbyn Is NOT Smearing Him: Tom Swarbrick

15 August 2018, 13:56

Tom Swarbrick says Jeremy Corbyn has legitimate questions to answer about laying a wreath and asking them is not smearing him.

The Labour leader initially said he was at an event in Tunisia, but was not involved in laying a wreath. But once a photo of him holding a wreath emerged, he admitted he had indeed laid one.

Fans of Mr Corbyn's rounded on his critics, accusing them of smears to discredit him.

But Tom, himself a former political advisor, insists the questions need to be answered.

Tom Swarbrick insisted the media are not smearing Jeremy Corbyn
Tom Swarbrick insisted the media are not smearing Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC / PA

After receiving a critical email from a listener, he responded: "You say it is disgusting that Jeremy Corbyn has had questions put to him about who he was honouring when he was at the ceremony where a wreath was laid to commemorate, in Jeremy Corbyn's words, 'all those who have died'.

"And when he says 'all those who have died', he means those in 1985 and those killed by Mossad in 1992.

"Who were the people killed by Mossad in 1992? They were Salah Khalaf, who founded Black September, the group that carried out the Munich massacre in 1972.

"Jeremy Corbyn's words said that 'all those who have died' were honoured in that ceremony in that interview yesterday.

"So it's not a smear by the media to ask questions of Jeremy Corbyn."