This Is The Culture Secretary's Response To Hugh Grant Calling Him A Liar Over Leveson 2

20 May 2018, 09:40

Hugh Grant says Matt Hancock "lied through his teeth" over Leveson 2, but the culture secretary gave this response to Tom Swarbrick.

The culture secretary said it was "obviously wrong" for Hugh Grant to accuse him of lying to MPs over Leveson 2.

Hugh Grant has called for a second part to the Leveson Inquiry, to uncover the extent of illegal phone hacking.

But he took to Twitter to voice criticism of the culture secretary.

He wrote: "Matt Hancock has lied through his teeth over Leveson 2. In doing so, he has shown the world who is giving him his instructions."

In early March, he wrote: "When Matt Hancock told the house that Leveson himself was not in favour or [sic] continuing the Inquiry he misled the house. Leveson's letter very clear"

Matt Hancock told Tom Swarbrick the claims were "wrong" before he set the record straight about the content of the letters between himself and Leveson.

In a message to Mr Grant, Mr Hancock said: "We've had the inquiry, we've had the police investigations, now we need to come together and work to make sure we have quality journalism for the future."

Watch the full response in the video at the top of this page.