Furious Remainer: Anyone Who Thinks Brexit Will Be Good Is Imbalanced

22 March 2019, 08:52

This angry Remainer told Tom Swarbrick that anyone who thinks Brexit will turn out well must have an imbalance.

The EU agreed to a short delay to Brexit last night, giving Theresa May until 12th April to get her deal through the House of Commons.

Ben in Mill Hill called LBC to discuss it and insisted that Brexit would be a disaster and anyone who thinks otherwise must be imbalanced.

Referring to a previous caller who wished we had a Trump-like leader, Ben said: "That guy who just called up, what a pillock.

"It's because of people like that that we're in this mess. It's because of ignorant people that are dragging us out of Europe that we're in this mess and I've had it up to here.

"People should be ashamed. They've got no clue how it's going to affect them in their pocket."

Tom Swarbrick in the LBC studio
Tom Swarbrick in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Tom pointed out that there were a number of thoughtful, intelligent people who also voted to Leave, but Ben responded: "Well, they're anarchists."

An unbelieving Tom then asked: "Iain Dale's an anarchist?"

But Ben insisted: "Yes! There's got to be some sort of imbalance.

"There is no potential positive outcome of what we're about to go through."