If You're At The Top, You Should Take Responsibility: Former Chair Of Parole Board

29 April 2018, 08:18 | Updated: 29 April 2018, 08:21

The former Chair of the Parole Board told Tom Swarbrick that he thought David Gauke should have resigned after the Worboys row instead of him.

Professor Nick Hardwick was forced to quit as Chair of the Parole Board after David Gauke told him his position was "untenable".

In his resignation letter to the Justice Secretary, he said: "You told me you thought my position was untenable.

"I had no role in the decision of the panel in the case and believe I am capable of leading the Parole Board through the changes, many of which I have advocated, that will now be necessary."

He also wrote that he will "not pass the buck to those who work under me", something he repeated on LBC.

"I'm not angry about what happened to me" he told Tom Swarbrick.

He said: "If you're at the top of the organisation, you should take responsibility and not dump on the people below you."

Mr Hardwick also said why he thought he was really sacked, pointing his finger again at the Justice Secretary.

"I think I was sacked because David Gauke thought he was in trouble because of the way in which he handled the Worboys case, and I think he thought it was me rather than him" he said.

"I don't accept our errors were greater than the Justice Secretary.

"It was the Justice Secretary absolutely who was responsible for the failures in communication with the victims in this case.

"It was the Justice Secretary who compiled the dossier of evidence that the panel considered that didn't contain any reference to Worboys."