Iran Nuclear Deal Is "As Dead As A Dodo" Says Ex-Defence Secretary

17 September 2019, 23:14 | Updated: 18 September 2019, 07:03

Former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has told LBC that the Iran nuclear deal is "as dead as a dodo".

The Conservative MP told Tom Swarbrick that Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the deal "makes sense", following Iran's recent activities in the Straight of Hormuz and the allegations that it was behind the drone strike against Saudi oil fields.

Dr Liam Fox
Dr Liam Fox says the Iran nuclear deal is "as dead as a Dodo". Picture: PA

Dr Fox added that Iran's missile programme "is in breach" of United Nations regulations, but that Tehran "doesn't seem to bother [with] what the rest of the world thinks about this".

The former International Trade Secretary also told Tom that the deal - signed in 2015 - has ultimately seen the UK and its allies funding terror, via the Iranian regime.