Jeremy Corbyn "Clearly Didn't Write" Newspaper Piece On Anti-Semitism

4 August 2018, 08:32 | Updated: 4 August 2018, 17:49

The leader of the Labour party vowed to put an end to anti-semitism within the party in a piece he wrote in the Guardian newspaper.

The director of Progress tells Tom Swarbrick that he didn't think Jeremy Corbyn wrote the Guardian article in which he vowed to put an end anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

Richard Angell said that a "copy and paste" of previous articles is "not the way to build confidence in the Jewish community".

Mr Angell, who has previously published an 8-point plan about how Labour should tackle anti-semitism, also said: "We don't need lecturing by other people about the discrimination in which we face."

Tom Swarbrick
Picture: LBC / PA

He told Tom Swarbrick: "I don't actually think he's had anything to do with writing it - it's just gone out in his name.

"The Labour Party does not know better than Jewish people about what it's like to experience anti-semitism and what it's like to tackle anti-semitism, and it's time we stop lecturing back at Jews, and listened to Jews.

"And the fact that this debate is now currently happening while Sabbath is taking place, and the Jewish community, many of which can not participate in the first 48 hours in response to what Jeremy Corbyn has written, is an insult."