Tom Swarbrick Grills Justice Secretary Over Increase In Stop And Search

12 August 2019, 07:41

Why is the government increasing the amount of stop and search used by the police when there is no evidence it will take weapons off the streets, Tom Swarbrick asked the Justice Secretary.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a glut of announcements for his plan to get tough on crime, including an extension of powers the police are getting on stop and search.

Standing in for Nick Ferrari, Tom spoke to Robert Buckland, who is in charge of the review on crime, and asked him what evidence he has that more stop and search will reduce crime.

Mr Buckland said: "The evidence is clear that an intelligence-led stop and search system does lead to a higher level of arrests."

So Tom then asked him: "Yes, so why would you remove the intelligence-targeted bit and allow police to stop and search whenever they fancy?"

Tom Swarbrick grilled the Justice Secretary over an increase in stop and search
Tom Swarbrick grilled the Justice Secretary over an increase in stop and search. Picture: PA / LBC

The Justice Secretary responded: "That's not what's going to happen, there will still need to be a clear basis for the police to take action and to use these powers..."

But Tom insisted: "But that has dropped hasn't it. From 'when violence may occur' to 'when violence will occur'. So it's become easier."

Mr Buckland agreed: "Yes. But the evidence from the pilots that we've been conducting is that the police want this power, that it is being effectively used.

"We're not going back to a system of indiscriminate stop and search, based on the colour of somebody's skin, that would be wholly wrong.

"But we are moving to a system where the police are freer and more able to target and prioritise particular issues in areas of concern to them, to use these powers in an effective way."