Watch in Full: Tom Swarbrick speaks to Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin

21 March 2021, 16:51

By Seán Hickey

As the UK labels Russia as the 'most acute threat' to British security, Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin addressed the claim in an exclusive interview.

Ambassador Andrei Kelin spoke to Tom Swarbrick in an LBC exclusive following the UK's integrated review, which declared Russia as the 'most acute threat' to British security.

He was adamant that there was "no single proof or explanation" for calling Russia an "acute threat" and says it is "false." 

The Ambassador also revealed the last time he spoke to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was in December 2019.

After President Biden called Vladimir Putin a Killer, Tom wondered if Ambassador Kelin agreed. "President Putin is very wise statesman. He has brought together Russia after terrible things that has happened in the 90s." He insisted.

He also accused the UK government of breaking an international treaty if it increases the number of warheads as set out in the integrated review.

"If the UK is going to continue to raise a number of nuclear warheads, and this was a big surprise for the whole world, I will say even for the American experts. So they think 'UK What are you doing?' You are increasing a number of warheads by 40%.

"This is a violation of the Treaty of non-proliferation and many, many other agreements that are saying only a decline or a reduction in the number of nukes. This is a current trend."

Ambassador Kelin also told Tom that post-Brexit Britain should be open to future relationships with Russia.

"What we need to do immediately, is to relaunch [an] economic relationship. Of course, it will be a vital and important for United Kingdom after Brexit especially when it is in search, when the UK is in search of other partners and other trade deals. We have a lot to offer to the UK if they will be interested in doing it."