Sack civil servants who refuse to return to the office, says Richard Tice

6 August 2020, 07:47

By Adrian Sherling

Businessman Richard Tice called for civil servants to get back to the office - and said they should be sacked if they refuse.

More Brits are continuing to work from home than any other European country as many workers ignored the government's plea to return to the office.

Mr Tice, the chairman of the Brexit Party, told LBC that the government needs to lead by example by bringing civil servants back to Whitehall. And he would be strict on employees who don't want to return.

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, he said: "We've got to incentivise people to come back to the city centres. Perhaps you could make transport free for six months.

"The government has to lead by example. Hundreds of thousands of civil servants need to come back to the office. And bluntly, if not, then let them go. There are plenty of other people who can do the job."

Tom Swarbrick spoke to Richard Tice about returning to the office
Tom Swarbrick spoke to Richard Tice about returning to the office. Picture: LBC / PA

Tom pointed out that 67% of workers are still at home, so that would be a lot of people getting sacked.

Mr Tice insisted: "We've seen hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs in the related service activities that look after and service the office workers.

"The government has got to lead by example. If we don't do this, the economy will continue to go down a vicious spiral into the kitchen sink. This is really really serious.

"I think there is a real productivity issue with people working from home."

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