Shielding caller devastated that her daughter refuses to wear a facemask

29 July 2020, 18:02 | Updated: 29 July 2020, 18:06

By Fiona Jones

This vulnerable caller told Tom that she is beside herself with worry because her eldest daughter is refusing to wear a mask and doesn't know what to do.

Sandra is 66, her son has Down's Syndrome and her mother is in her elderly and so she is "paranoid" about her daughter contracting the virus.

To make matters worse, Sandra also used to suffer badly with asthma.

Tom, in disbelief, asked what reason Sandra's daughter gave to which she replied her daughter "doesn't want to follow the herd."

Sandra told him at the start of the pandemic her daughter was vigilant but now she has entirely altered her viewpoint.

"I'm worried to death," she said.

Tom Swarbrick could not believe the "selfishness" of those who would not wear a mask
Tom Swarbrick could not believe the "selfishness" of those who would not wear a mask. Picture: LBC

Tom said he could not understand the reasoning of anybody who says they do not want "to be muzzled" as it is "so unbelievably selfish."

Sandra admitted that she bites her tongue about the mask situation as otherwise it would be "World War Three" despite the fact she is 33 and "not 15."

"You just ring up a national radio station and tell us about it," Tom joked.

He asked if Sandra's daughter is questioned by her friends about her choices, and Sandra had no idea, telling Tom that her husband wears one in public.

Tom told Sandra he has found that when people refuse to wear face masks, "you can give them all the facts and figures you want, you just can't reason with them, and after a while you just think it's a bit pointless."